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Signed and numbered limited edition giclee print (150)
250mm x 500mm
£120 Price includes post and packing

The Holy Sacrifice

  • Please, dear one, though you tremble under my fingers, have faith. 

    My mind is caught between past and future. Split in two. 

    There is a rift between us.

    There is division within. 

    My heart and mind are separated by a void. 

    It is time dear one, can you feel the love in my uncertain hands. 

    I must perform this surgery, though I know not how I shall. 

    My sweat is sickly sweet and I am icy cold.

    Come close, then closer still and do not fear the knife I hold.

    For I am one who wields the knife.

    I am one who watches.

    I am one whose head is severed, freeing truth so it may fill the void as endless night. 

    I am sacred eternal. 

    I am that which cannot be destroyed. 

    So do not be afraid.  

    I am that.

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