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Flower Series Number 9
Signed and numbered limited edition giclee print (150)
500mm x 680mm
£170 Price includes post and packing


  • You are perfect as you are and you are so much more,

    beyond your wildest dreams and sum of all that’s gone before.

    You doubting souls, who think yourselves, clumsy, without grace.

    Like slumbering flowers to rising sun, must blossom, lift your face.

    And you, who shameful fear that monsters harbour in your deep.

    Make peace with all of what you are, awaken from your Sleep.

    You timid meek, who startled run, at sound of falling leaf.

    Take the tiger by the tail and roar your self-belief.

    You, who spring no thoughts, save those come from another.

    Become the lion, who may in time, transcend. God, to discover.

    And you, who have been painted wrong, misunderstood by all,

    have strength and beauty frightening bright, that blinds both great

    and small.

    You and you and all of you, so limitless and free, 

    come gather round these waters clear, come closer, do not flee.

    And you, yes, You, you are the One, step forward so to see,

    and by and by this world will change, a New world come to be.



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