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Flower Series Number 11
Signed and numbered limited edition giclee print (150)
340mm x 340mm
£120 Price includes post and packing

The Apple Blossom Labyrinth

  • My path is your path as your path is mine,

    For all of the paths that we walk are divine.

    One and the same, the hidden, the shown,

    and we shall walk this path until truth is known.

    I have been your sun and you have been my night,

    I have been the death of you and you have been my light.

    For you and I and they and we,

    have been all things that we can be,

    have walked this path so many times,

    howling battle cries and humming nursery rhymes.

    We are but waves in an ocean of bliss.

    There is no other path than this.

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