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The Curious Goat 

This illustrated story book is 41 pages and includes 20 images gathered from my earlier works, Cyprus Composition, Technicolour Dreamgoat, Bed in a Tree, The Waterfall, White Rabbits, Faith Renewed, Fishing for daises, The Ark, A Dam Bursting, Severance, The Wheel, Hope, Grace, The Peace Garden, World of yoga, The Yogi Goats, The Lighthouse, Butterflies and Bees, Abundance and The Family Tree. It comes with a magnifying glass and a poem with a game for spotting things on each page. Great to do with children. It is the story of two goats who have an enlightening adventure and eventually find that they have everything they are looking for inside them. 

The Fool

The Fool is my tarot pack in book form. A 44 page book of 22 Images and 22 poems which represent the journey of the fool through the major arcana tarot. 

Magic at the heart of the Citrus Grove

This was the first book I wrote and illustrated, inspired by a new years full moon walk in among the orange and lemon trees at my home in Cyprus. 9 magical illustrations including The Hare, The Horse, The Gathering, The Mooncat and the Mushroom Circle, The Doe and the Moonsliver and Magic the Cat and 9 (so an Oxford Don told me) metaphysical poems. A siren song for us all to come to realise we are one.  

I only have a limited number of books in stock and often have to buy to order. If you have an interest in purchasing one please contact me on the more page on this site. 

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