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I have done a few of these bios over the years and it’s always tricky to know what to say. First thing is, I don’t have any formal training - although I do have two Blue Peter badges and once won a Cabbage Patch Doll in a colouring competition which I entered under my brothers name (he was 5 years younger than me which I believe swung it my way). I did however thrive in art at school, along with creative writing, these were my favourite and most natural subjects. I had always had a vague dream to be a painter, creating lots of rather unattractive things over the years largely due to having nothing signifiant to say, but during my adolescence and twenties followed other paths, working all sorts of different jobs, riding horses and being in a band. 


Then there was a significant turning point. I was in my final year of Uni, living in Brighton. A relationship had broken down, my life had spiralled out of control and I hit rock bottom as I realised I was an alcoholic. I had first a breakdown and then what can only be described as a ‘spiritual epiphany’. I could have become a born again Christian, or maybe said I had some sort of ‘Enlightenment’, the rational among you might say I induced upon myself some kind of psychotic delusion. I don’t entirely disregard this suggestion myself. However, put simply, after a heartfelt prayer that came out of a broken self, I went, in an instant, from despair to intense euphoria, the likes of which I hope everybody gets a taste of some day. The room and I vibrated with some sparkling energy of which I suddenly knew everything was made. I can only say that I think this energy was love in its purest form. It was a deeply profound experience and spun me off on a new trajectory, one I have been on ever since. (I have been sober for 15 years now - which I often joke is an intense continuous clarity guaranteed to make anyone mad…)


I found my beloved Island of Cyprus soon after. I started painting seriously, nursing the seed of this message which has grown over the years in every piece of work, to be re-iterated both visually and for the last few years also in poetry, over and over and over again. This gift that was given to me in that strange moment all those years ago, has, to my joy, resonated with many other people. So much so, that I have had the good fortune to make a living as an artist for the last ten years. I have had numerous solo and group exhibitions and poetry recitals in the UK and Cyprus and my paintings and prints have gone to pretty much every country in the world several times over. So many beautiful things have happened with so many beautiful people it is impossible to do justice to them here. Suffice to say that nothing is ever lost, it all gets poured back into the magical stream out of which these creations come. My wish and intention is to be able to continue to do what I love, reaching in and reaching out. Finding my way back, and back again, to that place of sweet ecstatic oneness and inviting you to join me there. 


Kate xxx 

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