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Signed and numbered limited edition giclee print (80)
270mm x 395mm
£125 Price includes post and packing

A Family Tree

  • A family is a very special thing. 

    It shields from storms and lifts us high and helps us sing

    It's branches reach for sky, it's roots deep underground 

    treasures of shared memories everywhere are found

    Secret fears and hopes and dreams so keenly sought 

    private battles witnessed, some won, some lost but bravely fought

    Celebration and frustration is the nature of the beast 

    but such rare lessons to be learned in the splendour of the feast

    So I give praise to you my family, I give thanks to you as well 

    it has much more been heaven than it ever has been hell

    I wish for you my family, to laugh, bloom and fly free 

    for I love you as big as the universe times infinity.

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