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Signed and numbered limited edition giclee print (150)
530mm x 920mm
£230 Price includes post and packing


  • In a star spangled tent,

    in a field beyond all right doing and all wrong doing,

    there’s a party going on,

    and we are all invited. 


    Let’s seek out this place beyond,

    beyond grief and rage and fear and doubt,

    beyond the pain of letting go,

    beyond the need to work it out.

    Come with me to this place of peace,

    beyond great and best and true and just,

    beyond I am this and this and this, 

    beyond I should, I will, I must,

    Beyond life and death and resurrection,

    broken, lost, found, faith, perfection.

    Beyond a quicksand trillion thoughts and deeds,

    countless changing wants and needs, 

    exhausting up down in out black white,

    yes, no, good, bad, us, them, dark, light,

    beyond duality, beyond confusion

    beyond this bite your teeth illusion.

    Take me to the wild beyond,

    there’s serious dancing in that place,

    Heads thrown back, mouths open, heart to hearts to source

    Beyond our understanding.

    Beyond time. Beyond space.   


    Beyond the endless anxious striving, striving

    and ever striving for something, anything 

    that will make everything alright. 

    When it already is. 


    In a star spangled tent 

    in a field beyond all right doing and all wrong doing

    a party is happening now.

    The earth is rumbling underfoot, 

    the air vibrates with a curious buzz, 

    look for cloud signs, spread the word,

    this party is for us.  


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