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Open edition giclee print
Print size 105mm x 148mm
Supplied mounted to fit A4 size frame 210mm x 297
Price includes post & packing

Strength - 8

  • Fool's blood is up, a taste of vengeance hot upon her lips,

    she's felt exquisite ecstasy on several power trips.

    But something doesn't seem quite right, there's poison in the mix.

    She feels it dessicate her veins like crispy dried up sticks.


    Could there be another way for fool to take her stand?

    She searches in the forest, over mountains, cross the land. 

    At last, a burning dawn reveals the most appealing scene.

    A dragon tamed by tiny fawn?

    Whatever can it mean? 


    What power is this that needs no force to move the mighty mountain?

    What kind of strength is pure and clear as water from a fountain?

    Such innocence is heaven sent to melt the hardest heart.

    It's love inspiring love and it's the greatest artless art.


    Fool feels she rides a pendulum, which swings from left to right.

    Mind blown to smithereens, by this flabbergasting sight.

    It needs to root and ripen but the insight has been made, 

    She weaves off in a spacey trance across the sunlit glade.

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