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Flower Series Number 14
Signed and numbered limited edition giclee print (150)
440mm x 310mm
£130 Price includes post and packing

In the Valley of The Golden Fountain of the Now

  • In the valley of the golden fountain of the now,

    I feel the eternal, sparkling stream of effervescent all,

    I know myself to be of it and it of I.

    This moment and I are the gift.

    The beauty of it makes me cry.

    I am the space through which all things may pass.

    I am both that which is contained and sacred vessel.

    I hold both poles at once within,

    though the fury of their merging makes me quake,

    to bear a new gift, born of gifts.

    I did not know such music I could make.

    If only I would not forget these things that I have known,

    nor frequent feel myself a small and broken thing.

    I am the strings on which life plays, so, hear my solemn vow.

    I shall make my home, my one true home,

    the valley of the golden fountain of the now.

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