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Signed and numbered limited edition giclee print (80)
230mm x 350mm
£125 Price includes post and packing

For my Daughter

  • She stands in front of our favourite stray Big Dog, who she gambolled over the cliff-tops with the last two summers and behind her is a tree of plenty, full of citrus fruits, grapes and pomegranates as we are still living in Cyprus. The foliage of the tree is oak leaves and acorns, a symbol for eternity, peek out from amongst the leaves and fruit. At her feet the flowers bloom, each one a wish for her from me. White rosebuds signify her emerging girlhood, bluebells for humility, an iris for wisdom and valour, daisies for purity, dandelions for happiness and pink hyacinth for play. Garlic flowers for courage and strength, yellow poppies for wealth and success, white heather for protection, mint for virtue, grass for submission and ferns for magic, confidence, shelter and fascination. The white camelia is to simply say 'you are adorable'.

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