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Open edition giclee print
Print size 105mm x 148mm
Supplied mounted to fit A4 size frame 210mm x 297
Price includes post & packing

Judgement - 20

  • Before we reach the final bit,

    there is, a last high note to hit.

    Transformation takes nerves of steel,

    so do not turn away from the fear you feel.

    Don't lose faith when your resolve flickers,

    even if you wet your knickers.

    When you sound the trumpet's call,

    the ground beneath your feet shall crack.

    Those haunting, hunted, shadows all,

    come crawling, wriggling, creeping back.

    I't won't be nice, it isn't easy,

    expect to feel extremely queasy.

    But here all is designed to show,

    that there is nothing quite so low,

    it can't be fully healed of blame,

    or cleansed of any lingering shame.


    Our queen she raised the horn on high,

    and trumpeted towards the sky,

    then hung her head and watched afeared,

    as ghosts of nightmares past appeared.

    Her glorious courage and open heart,

    played their extra special part, 

    in turning everything to gold,

    redemption splendid to behold.


    Fool felt she had borne a heavy weight upon her soul,

    which only now was lifted, as pure light filled the hole.

    Demons became angels, released and soaring free. 

    All was well both then and now. 

    The best that it could be.  


    Fool, you have discovered your cause, 

    so turn the last page, 

    for the world is now yours.

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