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Open edition giclee print
Print size 105mm x 148mm
Supplied mounted to fit A4 size frame 210mm x 297
Price includes post & packing

Justice - 11

  • From the top of the wheel, and making her merry, 

    Fool had a great big bite of the cherry.

    It made her feel giddy, ten feet tall.

    She thought she'd quite like, to finish it all. 


    Luck is one thing, justice another.

    It's a sad fact of life that brother wounds brother. 

    With different ideas of what is fair,

    of how to balance and equally share.

    What we think we deserve, or want or need. 

    becomes distorted by fear and greed.

    The scales of justice skewed to one side,

    must come to the center before we decide.


    Fool! To be a righteous queen, use honesty and reason,

    to help keep equilibrium when cherries are in season.

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