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Signed and numbered limited edition giclee print (150)
250mm x 500mm
£130 Price includes post and packing

Lemurian Dreams

  • There is a true story how some people came together, 

    to create a global language and unite the world forever.

    They forgave the odd stutter and occasional stammer,

    only to implode in a squabble over grammar. 

    Utopian vision trampled to dust,

    by the heavy boots of ego, doing what it must. 


    Now, we can’t spot an angel by its splendid silver wings,

    look rather to the foot size, they have teeny, tiny things. 

    The perfect width and feel for a successful tightrope walk,

    Keep company with such as these, there’ll be no need for talk. 

     In gorgeous telepathic faith, together we’ll go far,

    day and night, as the seasons pass, reclaiming who we are. 


    Give thanks for all those angels, who fit like hand in glove,

    who help us soften in our hearts, rekindling light of love.

    We’re all in this together, and often shall we fall,

    but the journey becomes something magic, all for one and one for all.    

    Let us drop those heavy boots, it’s rare a thing is as it seems, 

    so we may tip-toe nose to tail, through bright Lemurian dreams. 


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