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Navigating Uncertainty


‘Perilous times are these,’ speaks mind, ‘it’s too late, too hard and too dark.’

‘Come tend the garden, it thrills to your touch, you are beautiful,’ whispers the heart. 


‘Dangerous paths are these,’ shouts mind, ‘you are lost and mistaken. A fool!’

‘Come home my love, I’ll show you the way, together we’ll go,’ suggests soul. 


‘Listen to me, I will figure it out, till then, stay safe here,’ cries mind. 

Soul sighs, ’take my hand, I’ve waited so long just to feel you once more at my side.’ 


‘Hold on!’ Screams mind ‘I am all that you are, be afraid, be afraid, death is here.’

‘Let go,’ whispers heart, ‘have faith, be at peace, there is nothing then to fear.’



Limited Edition signed and numbered Giclee print.


255mm x 400mm


Comes in a tube rolled and wrapped in tissue paper and poem on a comp slip. 

Navigating Uncertainty

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