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Signed and numbered limited edition giclee print (150)
350mm x 480mm
£155 Price includes post and packing

The Ark

  • A roaring, exuberant wave is bringing the Ark in to the shore, it will be landing somewhere out of view but the animals know that something is afoot and are already on their way. Two gazelles who are way out in front kick up their heels with joy. The animals create a great growing herd which is beginning to move faster and faster. Some, like the unicorns, are watching the forming procession, some like the two little sand foxes have just come out of their hole to see what the fuss is. Others have created a convoy which is slowly but surely getting there, and some, like the cheetahs, horses and wolves are already in full flight. The foliage includes passion flowers, because there is a jungle feel and without passion there would be no wind beneath our wings to lift us high and drive us forward. Lotus flowers which are the buddhist symbol for enlightenment, the blossoming of the consciousness and since it grows in mud, it tells us even from the most humble beginnings we can become great (in spirit of course!). Rowan trees and red berries for my cousin Rowan who I forgot to put on the faith painting, and Bryony for Bryony.


    The animals - blue butterfly, bison, bigdog & scooby, bushbaby, cockerel & hen, cat, cow, camel, cheetah, crocodile, diplodocus, dragon, dromedary, deer & stag, donkey, dodo (just the one obviously!), elephant, emu, flamingo, frog, fox (sand), fox (red), grasshopper, grizzly bear, gazelle, giraffe, horse, hare, hippopotamus, hyena, hedgehog, kangaroo, llama, lion, lizard, ladybird, mountain goat, meercat, monkey, owl, ostrich, puma, pterodactyl, parrot, pig, polar bear, rat, roadrunner, rabbit, robin, rhinocerous, seagull, skunk, snake, spider, snail, sheep, tiger, t-rex, turtle, unicorn, wildebeest, white butterfly, wolf, warthog, wooly mammoth, yellow butterfly & zebra.

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