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Flower Series Number 5
Signed and numbered limited edition giclee print (150)
630mm x 440mm
£170 Price includes post and packing

The Carousel

  • This, the place where we are born, this place of rainbow unicorn, 

    this age of magic carousel, no heaven here, nor threat of hell.

    Together, here where we belong. We silken threads millennia long.

    How lucky we that share our song. Together bound. Together strong.


    Side by side we rise and fall, side by side throughout it all.

    Together in our secret fears, and through the crucible of tears.

    Together in our wounds and pain, together in ecstatic rain.

    Together even worlds apart, moving towards open heart.

    Moving closer to the flame, that burns in each of us the same.

    Untill that day when we may ride, the sweet releasing swell of tide,

    that takes us back to open sea, to join with God, infinity. 


    And, though I know we all shall be, one day together in that sea,

    I want to take this moment now, to ask you please to take a bow.

    To feel my love and take my praise, my gratitude for all these days,

    that we have journeyed side by side, each other's teacher, healer, guide.

    And, let us every day be born, to time of rainbow unicorn,    

    to magic age of carousel, where all is One and all is well.

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