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Open edition giclee print
Print size 105mm x 148mm
Supplied mounted to fit A4 size frame 210mm x 297
Price includes post & packing

The Chariot - 7

  • 'Chariot driving needs excellent skill.'

    Cries our queen coming foolishly fast down down the hill.


    'To keep control of dark and light,

    is tricky stuff, it's quite a fight. 

    I must balance these two forces.

    Wisely blend both primal sources.

    Though I know this makes me strong,

    it blurs my sense of right and wrong.

    Enemies, they seek to take me, 

    off my path, to grind me down.

    Such confidence. It looks to break me. 

    I cannot laugh. I feel I drown. 

    I wish I was not such a fool, 

    so soft and gentle as a flower.

    I want to grow teeth I can use,

    to cut my own true queenly power.

    With strong conviction I will hold, 

    destiny on reins of gold.  

    Stand my ground. 

    Defend my truth.

    Fight with wit and fang and hoof.'

    Armoured and with glinting eye.

    She howls her new born battle cry.


    In time she'll see there's a price to winning.

    Of course it always was this way.

    A battle won is a war just beginning,

    and black and white make shades of grey.

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