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Flower Series Number 3
Signed and numbered limited edition giclee print (150)
550mm x 550mm
Price includes post and packing

The Ferris Wheel of Loving Kindness

  • This is what can be.

    And, this is what can be done by those who work with light and practice the art of peace.

    We can share an unconditional, compassionate love with all, our hearts ever open and hopeful, our cup overflowing.

    Forgiveness can rain like yellow rose to heal those with weary troubled souls and none need lose their faith for it is known that brightest sun lives even in faltering flame.

    We shall sing a truth, pure as pearl, and we may celebrate our beauty for it is not vanity but our divinity which shines and shimmers as we dance.

    We shall move with grace and strength yet hold ourselves still in the midst of the storm and our dreams shall be nets cast forth to catch a thousand sacred flowers. 

    Let us be those of honey, generous and kind, grateful for our many blessings. 

    May we yield to make space upon the bridge between the known and the unknown for both comfort and mystery.

    Our children, so innocent and full of wonder are our teachers, may we give them special room where they can flourish in safety and with joy.

    And, as the great force of life whirls in perpetual motion, may we, remaining centered, blossom in our consciousness at the heart of all things, and in so doing, come to hold all things in our boundless hearts.

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