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Flower Series Number 1
Signed and numbered limited edition giclee print (150)
250mm x 600mm
£140 Price includes post and packing

The Love Tree

  • That we should meet, as if placed upon a corner, which rounded, put us on each others path, was a miracle.


    You asked for, and I wanted to give to you, something dear of mine.

    You gave it back, good as new, and I knew then, 

    that this is how you would treat my heart.

    So I gave my heart to you. 


    But, before we could be together,

    I had to climb high.

    Then Higher still. 

    I held on to my faith,

    and all around me flowers bloomed,

    a garden bursting into life,

    that kept me hungry for the prize 

    which waited sweet and fragrant at the top.


    I have found that this was just a beginning,

    for it is possible to reach higher still,

    and find within each other,

    that promised heaven upon earth.


    So, I ask you....

    Please climb with me these golden stairs,

    Please take my hand once more.

    The moon is new, more open now,

    and closer than before.

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