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Open edition giclee print
Print size 105mm x 148mm
Supplied mounted to fit A4 size frame 210mm x 297mm
Price includes post & packing

The Lovers - 6

  • Ker-pow, bam and boom, the fireworks spangle,

    the fool finds her heart and her head in a tangle.

    Her spirit is called to something profound,

    a promise of freedom, horizons unbound.

    The spring in her step is now floating on air,

    as passions arise that need handling with care.


    One thing is for certain, whatever the choice, 

    things will be changed for better or worse. 

    What nature of thing calls in that sirens voice?

    Is it a blessing or is it a curse?


    The Lovers is not just about love you see,

    but all of the things that you might want to be,

    and how you might choose and what it might cost,

    for a thing that is taken, is another thing lost.

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