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Flower Series Number 8
Signed and numbered limited edition giclee print (150)
410mm x 330mm
£130 Price includes post and packing

The Simurgh

  • So burning bright and beautiful, a hundred thousand birds gave chase, and she not knowing why did flee, and they with yearning spirit matched her pace.

    Wild on wing she fearful flew, across the pin-pricked heavens through the years, a blazing comet trailing scattered stars, scorching earth with veil of salty tears.

    One by one they fell away, those who sought to find their place, till only 30 dogged souls remained, and she, exhausted, turned her foes to face.

    'What do you want from me?' She asked, the waiting favoured few, they, joyful, lullabyed inside her heart,

    'We only want to join with you.’

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