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Signed and numbered limited edition giclee print (150)
260mm x 730mm
£165 Price includes post and packing

The Waterfall

  • The cleansing purifying waters of the fall tumble joyfully down the hillside. Resting in the cool waters of the pool at the bottom is the great Salmon of Wisdom. For every new insight a spot grows on his shimmering body. He will help you to find the answers to the deep questions that come as life unfolds. Around the pool the flowers grow, roses for romance, soothing peace lilies and scilla for forgiveness. A magical seven myrtle flowers for love, seven garlic flowers for courage and seven white chrysanthemum for trust. Dragonflies, powerful and relentlessly persistent in their endeavors skim and dart around the waters edges. The kingfisher, a symbol of serenity emerges triumphant from the water. The swallowtail butterflies indicative of re-birth and grace dispel any remaining negative energy and on the bottom left a lizard, urges us to ‘let go’ of all that holds us back and causes pain.


    Under the trailing oleander flowers, an otter rests, he is the symbol of playfulness and laughter, an antidote to the stresses and strains experienced as we journey down the great thoroughfare. Higher up above the fig tree a hummingbird takes nectar from a flower, he is a messenger of hope and beauty, sweetness and light. Even higher up the hillside orange trees grow representing generosity and benevolence. Beneath the humbling stars of Cassiopeia, a cautionary reminder to keep our pride in check, and under an olive tree at the very top of the falls two goats survey the scene beneath them.


    Two capricorns, surefooted, creative and vital behold the abundance, the many blessings and lessons that are there displayed and know that the respectful and careful balance of these forces is where paradise truly lies.

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