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Signed and numbered limited edition giclee print (175)
430mm x 430mm
£155 Price includes post and packing

The Wheel

  • This is a key, a code, a wheel that keeps on spinning down through space and time as like a roulette ball you settle again and again and again...where will you land and how will the planets be thus arranged around your soul.

    Each sign has an essence as does each planet and each house, there are meridians and nodes and more to decipher. Most folk know the names of the signs and the popular imagery but it is just the first page of a much longer story, and it takes an astrologer (like my good friend Sarah whose chart this is) to go deeply into the web for you and interpret the information there disclosed, and if you are lucky, untangle some of the more snarly threads.

    I can be a bit of a cynical goat, in spite of my romantic heart, but, and I won’t tell you the dark and shining specifics here, I have been told truths about myself that only I know and secrets thus uncovered make me ask how can this be? Unless it is truly written in the stars...

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