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Signed and numbered limited edition giclee print (175)
495mm x 495mm
£170 Price includes post and packing

The World of Yoga

  • If you should desire to do so you can look upon my world of yoga and search for all the poses and a few essential elements, earth, water, fire, space, air, spirit. Amongst the many lotus and passion flowers you can find a cobra, a downward facing dog, an eagle, an equestrian astride his horse, a stork carrying a child, an abundance of firefly, and a hare outrun by a tortoise. There is more.... a scorpion, a peacock and a stray feather, a fish, a frog, a heron, a locust, a crocodile, a tiger, a cat and a pigeon, a cockerel, quite a few camels and a monkey. Stay with it......a swan, a crow, a crane, a lion, a cow (face included and not doing anything naughty with the dog), a raindrop drinking bird, seven leaping dolphins, a gekho, a dragonfly and a gorgeous peacock butterfly. Just a bit longer...... a turtle, some mountains (Himalaya-ish), several suns, a half moon, a gate, lots of circles and triangles, a staff, a wheel, a bridge, a plough, an embryo, a nice little boat called damselfly, a bow, and a few trees, some with twisted roots. Nearly there now..... a quantity of stars, a thunderbolt, some heavenly spirits (here read bodies!), a chain, a spear, a corpse, a noose, a pendulum, a hero disappearing on a mission at the centre of the forest, a warrior, a dancer, some sage ha ha, a sprinkling of daisies for purity, some rose bushes for love..... there is no goddess, save the one that lies within the hearts of all us lovely ladies and no partridge as I had to borrow him for the pear in a partridge tree..... and BREATHE........namaste xxx

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