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Flower Series Number 13
Signed and numbered limited edition giclee print
220mm x 220mm
£80 Price includes post and packing


  • They touch each other, eliciting delight and tenderness, holding tight, for wild winds seek to unfurl entwined limbs. Souls reaching out. Speaking in subtle, light filled waves of hope. They are clean again, and bright, so bright. Happiest serendipity. Wondrous comings of the dawn and stars unveiled at purple night. Halves of a whole, recognised, rejoined. Sacred Union.


    The universe chimes, an ecstatic manifestation of countless healing miracles. What is this but remembrance, of what it is to be one with source.The grace of that expanded, untarnished state. What great fortune to be reminded so. This is not something laid claim to, nor clung to, nor caged, but a great gift, humbly received.



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